Why airhostess profession is so attractive among young girls

Fun, money, travel, glamour, glitz, adventure, meeting new people, world tours, wines, gourmet meals. Fie star luxuries, flexible working hours, discounted/free travel for family, working with different races, different cultures, different languages, paid holidays, paid sick leaves.

Everyone aspires of these things happen to them or to their jobs in their daily lives but how many of them actually get these. Now here is a job where you can win not one or two but all of the above mentioned magnificent things with an appreciation of your boss.

And that is the career of a cabin crew, which forms the most elegant part of the Aviation Industry, very much a part of the fastest growing business sector in the world, The Travel and Tourism Industry.

Why Do Airways Require Flight Attendants?
All airlines are required by law to provide flight attendants aboard commercial airlines for the Comfort of the Passengers.
Flight attendants are placed on board primarily for safety reasons with their main job responsibility to see the comforts of the passengers.
What Do We Understand By The Term Cabin Crew?
Cabin crew is a common term for flight attendants or flight stewards/stewardness.
They are the professionals with adequate training to work in the passenger cabins, undertake the roles of a host, friend, nurse, server and above all a lifesaver if circumstances dictate.
Other Fringe Benefits Associated With The Job Of A Cabin Crew
Get Attractive salaries and incentives.
Get paid to see the world.
Get 30 days annual leaves (most of the airlines).
Get 15 days annual sick leave (most of the airlines).
Get discounted or free tickets for their family members.
Stay in 5* Hotels in the layovers.
Get fully furnished accommodations (most of the airlines).
Get free medical insurance globally (most of the airlines).
Get “away from base” meal allowance.