Special rules and regulations for airhostess

Why an Airhostess weight does matter? It is a meaningful question. Weight Plays vital role for any airlines. Not that means weight for passenger and other staffs of airlines. Only Airhostesses weight does matter for airlines due to some rules and some demand. The demand is the world new think, Slim and young girl looks pretty and beauty too. It is not that mean those slim and beauty girls are able to be an air hostess when they can’t speak good English and they do not understand what “Toast” means.

The rules prescribe different weight limits according to their height and age. For an 18-19 years old girl with the height of 152cm should have up to 50kg is required. Moreover, those air hostess who are in the age group of 25-30 with the same height (152cm) must be below 56kg.

Of course, Air India and Nepal airlines have very overweight and old airhostesses. They are may be working from past several years. These are exceptional case, and they are specially come from the power force and the management team can’t help it. Some customer also feel their rude behavior and uncomfortable too.

In this new era, Air hostess are sales person who has to sell the foods and other luxuries items to the customers. Because, most of the airlines become as a budget in flight charge and their policy is doing business in flight time. Therefore, we are suggesting some secret rules for air hostess.

Secret Rules for air hostesses:

Rule:Air hostesses should remember that they are, first and foremost, sales persons. They are responsible for selling stale trail mix, and other items, which are available in airlines. Unfortunately, airlines do not yet sell water, so air hostesses should refrain from handing out water unless specifically requested by passengers. Even then, they should provide water only in tiny water cups.

Rule:All air hostesses should wear high heels that are at least 2-3 inches high. Heels helps you to look extra height with prior approval.

Rule:Make up is very important. Nail polish and lipstick should always be bright red in color. Also, make-up should be applied not to heavy, so the face looks good, contrasting with the bright red lipstick. Eyes should be made up by long brow. This appearance, will help to the airhostess face smiley.

Rule:Hair color should be brown to sign in light. Or it should be black. Red and orange highlights are not recommended.

Rule:Air hostesses should give the appearance of smiling at passengers. But genuine smiles (laughing loudly) are not recommended, in case the passengers get too friendly and request additional cups of water, newspapers or other services currently free.

The airlines take interaction with passengers very seriously. Hidden cameras will be placed above each seat to monitor whether air hostesses chat with passengers or otherwise indulge in courteous behavior. Such behavior can attract disciplinary action. Air hostesses are not permitted to be rude to economy class passengers, and also to smile when passengers depart the plane.

Perhaps there are more. Certainly the airlines seem to invent a new rule every day, and you just have to open the papers to learn about it. So readers, can you suggest more rules for air hostesses that you have come across?