Eligibility for Airhostess and other special requirements

Eligibility for Air hostess training or Flight attendant training or job is based on a written test, group discussion and personal interviews. Aviation panels experts takes the interviews for Air hostess training as same as Air hostess or Flight attendant jobs. The applicant must be eligible to hold a passport (to international airlines) with the minimum height 157.5 centimeters. Airhostess training candidates arm should reach 212 centimeters (On tip toes) which help to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types. The weight also should be proportionate with height. Some airlines recruit married persons but, all air hostess or cabin crew should unmarried. Mostly airline companies are using only unmarried boys and girls as an Air hostess or Flight attendant. Air hostess candidates have normal eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected vision in each eye.

(Note:- Lufthansa airlines accepts the married women as air hostess or Flight attendant). The applicant of Air hostess training should be physically fit and fluent in English with pleasing personality is an added advantage. After the initial selection the candidate should pass the written examination. Air hostess training examination mostly in objective types (multiple choices). Those who qualified in written examination, they are selected for group discussion and personal interview faze. After completion all the tests then the academy calls them to Air hostess training or Flight attendant training program.

The air hostess Jobs resume should be written in a well format with correct personal details, education details, skills and experience details. The resume should start with the personal details that including complete name, address and contact number, height, weight, eye sight should be 6/6.

After writing personal details write your career goal or objective that specifies why you are interested in applied job position. Then give a summary of educational qualification, which includes any kind of air hostess training program completed from a well reputed institute or graduate degree with diploma/degree in hotel management or tourism management and other educational qualifications.

Mention work experience if any. Start with the most recent work experience then write previous experiences in a chronological order.

The candidate who is applying for the Air hostess jobs should have few outstanding qualities such as sense of – positive attitude, responsibility, presence of mind, pleasing personality, pleasing voice, language proficiency, good physique, initiative, systematic approach towards duty, patience to work long hours, communication and interactive skills, good appearance, team spirit, sense of humor and so on. With all this qualities you can be chosen by any national and international as an Air hostess. Don’t forget to mention all these qualities while making the resume.

Air hostess jobs is a very exciting and triumph jobs which is really joyful with satisfaction. Besides from excellent remuneration and perks, you can take pleasure in wonderful trips to various destinations. After becoming an air hostess you can go up the ladder of career to move alternatively to ground staff services or to become head flight attendant.

Am I qualified to become an Airhostess?

Below we have detailed the most common minimum requirements that airlines specify for new cabin crew, each airline has its own specific requirements which can be found by clicking on the logos below:

Age 18 -19 +
Weight in proportion to height.
Ability to swim.
Good eyesight.
Well groomed.
The right to live and work in the country which the airline is based.
Effectively work as part of a team.
Ability to communicate well.
Friendly personality.

If you are under the minimum age you can still take the course in preparation for when you reach the minimum age. Many students take our course to help them decide whether flying as cabin crew is the job for them.
If you feel that you meet the majority of the requirements above then you are exactly the type of candidate that we and our partner airlines want to hear from.If you’re unsure of any of the above requirements please Email us your questions.