Basic courses for Airhostess training program

Personality Development

Spoken English

Basic Computer Knowledge

First aid knowledge

Safety of the passengers or safety procedures

Interaction with People


How to dress up

Make up sense and skin care

Team work

Important codes and symbols used in aviation

Important announcements on board

Interaction with people: – During Air hostess training course the trainees also learn how to interact with people for that all the trainees spend their time by doing group discussion to boost up their confidence while meeting people.

How to dress up: – Dress up sense is a very important criteria for an Air hostess. Every domestic or international airline has a dress code for the entire Air hostess. So, Air hostess training centers help you to discover your dress sense as required by the airlines.

Team work: – To become an Air hostess you should know how to do team work. Because in big airlines, you always have to be a board member and work with other air hostess on board. So, Air hostess training centers teaches you how to do the coordination with other staff members while working on air.

Spoken English: – Air hostess training improves the English of all the students or Air hostess trainees during the Air hostess training program. In Air hostess training institutes, they emphasized on the grammars, pronunciation and clear speech etc. After joining Air hostess training institutes, candidates get a chance to know that where their English language stands.

Basic Computer Knowledge: – In the duration of Air hostess training program the institutes teach you the basic computer courses for your career base. The basic computer courses mean the knowledge about operating systems which is used by the airlines industries. May, those airlines used windows operating systems or Linux, it depends with the airlines industries. Not only those operating systems, institutes but also provides you the knowledge about internet and operating software which is specially used in airlines industries. With that knowledge you can handle the ground level of management of airlines industries like ticketing and providing information about the current situation of the particular airways to the customers.

First Aid knowledge: – In this particular training program the Air hostess trainees know the following things which are required to become an Air hostess. Those topics are must needed.

• Emergency scenery Management

• Shock, Unconsciousness & Fainting

• Artificial Respiration – Adult

• Artificial Respiration – Child & Infant

• Choking – Adult, Child & Infant

• Cardiovascular Emergencies

• Wounds & Bleeding

• Fractures, Dislocations & Sprains

• Burns, Heat Illnesses

• Head/Spinal Injuries

• Asthma, Allergies and Poisons

• Medical Conditions

• Altitude Related Conditions

• Eye Injuries

• Frostbite, Hypothermia

• CPR, Adult, Child & Infant

Announcement on Board: – On the training session the Air hostess candidates learn how to announce on air and how to pass the message for the passengers. Some announcements are as follows:

– Welcome to the air flight company to passenger.

– We are going from here to there.

– The current temperature of the flight and the destination city.

– Flight timing and aviation board rules and regulation.

– What should passenger do when service is needed?

– Altitude of the air flight limit etc………….

Safety Procedures:- In Airhostess training programs the candidates should know the basic safety procedures. You can see in the flight duration the air hostess and other cabin members are told you about the emergency exit and how to fix the Oxygen mask when the air pressure is low in the air. In same time The Air hostess are teach you that how to wear the life jacket and how to survive in accidental conditions. Likely those emergency procedures are taught in the Air hostess training program.

Aviation codes: – The alphabetical codes which are used in aviation industries during Radio Transphonic Communication with one crew member of the airplane or airlines to another. The ATC use these alphabetical codes with the crew members sitting on Cockpit, to tell them the route, weather reports and other conditions etc. These important alphabetical codes are written ahead:

A- Alpha B- Bravo C- Charlie D- Delta E- Echo F- Foxtrot G- Golf H- Hotel I- India J- Juliet K- Kilo L- Lima M- Mike N- November O- Oscar P- Papa Q- Quebec R- Romeo S- Sierra T- Tango U- Umbrella V- Victor W- Whisky X- X-Ray Y- Yankin Z- Zulu