10 reasons to be an Airhostess

As an Air hostess you can get a chance to travel all over the world. As an Air hostess your job is basically on board. We have earlier discussed that being an air hostess, you have to take care of the needs, requirements and comforts of the passengers. So in this way Air hostess while doing there job get a chance to travel by flying on air. In other words, choosing this profession is a right way to give wings to your dreams.

Chance to meet with famous personalities

Being an Air hostess you get a chance to meet with the famous personalities. Because most of the time all well known personalities example. Politicians, film stars, business persons, celebrities, sports person etc. travel by air. Just imagine you get a chance to meet, talk and host to such big personalities where other people only wish to get a single glance of them. Isn’t it an exciting profession?

Accommodation in luxurious hotels

Many international airlines provide accommodation facilities to their Air hostess and Crew members free of cost. Many international and domestic airlines provide the accommodation to their Air hostesses and Pilots on luxurious hotels with high class comforts. Good and hygienic food, almost VIP treatment, luxurious room with all facilities. Airlines provide all these facilities free of cost to their air hostess and cabin crew staff members.

Pick and drop facility

Many airlines provide the pick and drop facilities to their Air hostesses and cabin crew staff members. Being an air hostess there are the possibilities that you’re duty timings or exactly your flight timings can get changed without day before notice. Being an air hostess you have to always be ready to go and perform for your job. No matter whether it is a day flight or night flight. But for that you don’t need to get worried by thinking that who will drop you to airport or who will drop you to your hotel. Because you get a car and a driver who picks you from your hotel and after your duty your driver drops you to your hotel and if necessary he will again pick you from your hotel in case of emergency flight.

Refreshment parties or get together parties for air hostesses

if you are an air hostess then you are suppose to go and join the annual functions organized by the airlines. Airlines arrange get together parties for all the faculties. International airlines pay special care to their air hostesses. These parties are organized to relief them mentally and physically. So being and air hostess there is lots of fun also.

Good salary

After fulfilling the basic requirements if a candidate get a chance to serve in aviation as an air hostess or cabin crew then there is nothing to think about salary. Because almost all airlines pay good salary package to faculty members. With accommodation facility, pick and drop facility, travelling with the flight all you get free of cost with unpredictable salary package. So, from every prospective it’s an amazing job because it provides you unpredictable lifestyle. An Air hostess salary will start from US$5000-$7800, But the country wise it will be different. Indian Airlines pays the Air hostess salary around INR rs. 60,000 to 100,000. It differs in Domestic and International Flights or differ with the Air lines indusrties too. In USA only pay the Air hostess salary in $12/hour. But they already contact with the employees for extra hour and free hour.

So If you really worried about the air hostess salary you have to join with the Aviation Training institutes and they teach you how to find out good airlines industries and how to get high salary with which airlines. Salary is negotiate with the company wise and it will be more or lesser than it mention here.